Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Eligibility to Exhibit
The ICEID 2015 Exhibits are an integral part of the Scientific Program. Products and services to be exhibited must directly relate to the conduct of science or medicine.  ASM reserves the right to accept or reject at its sole discretion any application to exhibit and to determine the eligibility of any proposed exhibit.  Exhibitors must display only products or services manufactured or dealt by them in the regular course of business.  The featuring of a name or advertisement of a non-exhibiting firm or business shall not be permitted.


Agreement to Terms, Conditions and Rules
The exhibitor agrees to observe and abide by the Terms, Conditions and Rules set forth hereafter and such additional Terms, Conditions and Rules made by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) for the efficient and safe operation of ICEID 2015 Exhibition (Show), including, but not limited to, those contained in the printed and online Exhibitor Prospectus, the Exhibitor Service Manual, and any correspondence from ASM or its agent(s).  The exhibiting company will be held responsible for the activities of its employers and any agents appointed on its behalf.  It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to disseminate the rules and regulations among its staff and affiliates.  Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance with the “American with Disabilities Act” with regard to their booth space.  If an exhibitor does not abide by the Rules and Regulations established by Exhibits Management, the Exhibitor shall forfeit the amount paid for exhibit space and will be excluded from participation on the exhibit floor.


The exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ASM, its officers, directors, agents, employees, members and The Hyatt Regency Atlanta, its agents, servants, and employees against any and all liability, loss, claims or actions , and the defense thereof (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs), based upon or arising out of damages or injury (including death and environmental damage) to persons or property caused by or related to any act or omission of Exhibitors, its employees, agents, subcontractors, or vendors.  Exhibitor further agrees that ASM, and its respective agents and employees, shall not be responsible for damage, loss or destruction of any property of the exhibitor, injury to exhibitor or its representatives, agents, employees, licensees or invitees.  Exhibitors shall not allow any children in the Exhibit Hall during installation or dismantlement.


Inability to Hold Show
If, because of war, fire, strike, terrorist acts, exhibit facility construction or renovation project, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or other cause beyond the control of the ASM, the Show or any part thereof is prevent from being held, is canceled by the ASM, or the exhibit space becomes unavailable, the ASM, in its sole discretions, shall determine and refund to the Exhibitor its proportionate share of the balance of the aggregate exhibit fees received which remains after deducting expenses incurred by the ASM and reasonable compensation to the ASM, but in no case shall the amount of the refund to the Exhibitor exceed the amount of the exhibit fee paid.


It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to maintain insurance against injury, property damage, theft, fire, and any other forms of property loss.   The exhibitor shall maintain at a minimum the following insurance: Worker’s Compensation insurance – statutory requirements: Employer’s Liability insurance -- $100,000 each accident, $500,000 policy limits, and $100,000 each employee; Commercial General Liability insurance -- $1,000,000 each occurrence; Personal Injury Liability insurance -- $1,000,000 each occurrence; Business Automobile Liability -- $1,000,000 each accident; Umbrella Liability – limit of not less than $1,000,000. If requested by ASM, exhibitor shall provide ASM with certificates evidencing the required coverage before the conference.  The exhibitor shall, at is sole cost and expense, procure and maintain throughout the term of this contract worker’s compensation and occupational disease insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws governing all of the exhibitor’s employees engaged in the performance of any work for the exhibitor. 


Security/Loss Prevention
ASM will provide 24-hour security beginning with the first day of move-in and continuing until the Exhibit Hall is vacated.  Exhibitors are responsible for their equipment and property.  All property of the Exhibitor is understood to remain under his/her custody in transit to, within, and in transit from the confines of the Exhibit Hall.  Each party agrees to be responsible for its own property through insurance or self-insurance and shall hold harmless each of the other parties for any and all damage caused by theft and those perils normally covered by fire and extended coverage policy.  ASM and The Hyatt Regency Atlanta are not responsible for any loss of or damage to exhibitor property.


Fire Protection
Exhibitors must comply with all local fire regulations.  Booth decorations must be flame-proofed and all hangings must clear the floor.    Electrical wiring must confirm to all federal, state, and municipal government requirements.  If inspections indicate an exhibitor has neglected to comply with these regulations, or otherwise incurs fire hazards, ASM reserves the right to cancel all or such part of the exhibit as may be irregular.


Observance of Laws and Rules
The Exhibitor must comply with all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of federal, state and local government authorities, and all rules of the show building, The Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  The exhibitor will not display or bring into the facility/exhibit any animal, bird, fish, or other non-human creature without written permission of ASM Exhibits Management and The Hyatt Regency Atlanta.


Photography/Video Policy

Photographing or videotaping any exhibit booth is strictly prohibited. If a picture or video of your booth is desired, please contact the ICEID official photographer. ASM Exhibits Management or security will confiscate the film or tape of any exhibitor who violates this rule. Attendance at, or participation in (as an exhibitor) ASM meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the exhibitor to allow ASM’s use and distribution (at any time) the exhibitor’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, and audio tapes of such events and activities.

An exhibit booth and/or product(s) may be photographed or videotaped only with the expressed permission of the contracted exhibitor of the booth.


Sound Restrictions
At no time should music, videos, or any electrical or other mechanical apparatus be played at a level that interferes with a neighboring exhibitor’s booth activities.  Computers and television screens using audio visual may be placed in booths provided that the screens and receivers are placed in the rear of inline booths to eliminate noise and congestion in the aisles and provide that the sound is held at a low level.  Speakers and other sound devices must be position so sound is directed into the booth rather than into the aisle.  ASM Exhibits Management reserves the right to determine what is appropriate regarding music, music volume, and video noise.  ASM reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others and whether it must be discontinued.


Use of ASM’s Name/Logo
The names, insignias, logos, and acronyms of ASM are proprietary and use of these items is prohibited without the written permission of ASM.


Violations of Rules and Regulations
As a condition for exhibiting, each exhibitor shall agree to and observe all policies on and off the show floor. The action taken against an exhibitor for violation of rules and regulations will be determined on the basis of the particular circumstances of each case. ASM Exhibits Management reserves the right to restrict or evict exhibits that, because of noise, method of operation, materials, or any other reason become objectionable, and also to prohibit or evict any exhibit which, in the opinion of Show Management, may detract from the general character of the exhibits as a whole.

Some infractions will be communicated in a warning notice that may not result in a violation penalty accessed if in the sole discretion of the ASM Show Management it is deemed that corrective measures were completed within a timely fashion and no other parties were negatively impacted. Prior years’ warning and penalties may be taken into the account in assessing penalties. ASM reserves the right to levy a more severe penalty, including refusal of or termination of the exhibit, at its sole discretion without progressing through each of the following successive steps. In the event of such restriction or eviction, ASM will not be liable for any refunds on rentals or other exhibit expenses. All sanctions also apply to non-exhibiting companies with an ASM Exhibiting history.


Usage of Exhibit Space


Product/Service Displays
The exhibitor is permitted to demonstrate devices, instruments, equipment, or services, and to distribute printed materials related to those products or services represented by their company. Please be aware that only those products or services that are related to the practices of microbiological research, diagnostic research or the medical industry are permitted. If your organization has products or provides services that are not related to microbiology, or the medical/pharmaceutical industry they should not be displayed. If such products or services are displayed, ASM Exhibits Management will require you to remove the unrelated product or service from your exhibit. ASM reserves the right to decide the appropriateness of any service, product, literature, device, videotape, or audiotape.


Usage of Exhibit Space
Exhibits that interfere or impede access to other exhibits or the aisles are not permitted. Booth personnel are required to confine their activities within their exhibit booth space. Apart from the specific display space for which an exhibitor has contracted during ICEID 2015, no other facility may be used by any person or organization other than Exhibits Management for display purposes of any kind or nature. At no time should any booth personnel enter another exhibitor’s booth space without obtaining permission from that exhibitor.


Booth Layout and Construction
In an effort to maintain a uniform appearance and to make sure exhibitors maintain clear aisles with adequate line of sight, ASM requires that the following basic standards apply to all exhibits.

  • Each booth will have 8’ feet high draped back wall and 36” high draped side rails. In-line booths may not exceed 8 feet in height, including signs. No solid wall or exhibition display will be permitted to exceed 42” (3.5 feet) in the front five (5) feet of the booth from the aisle.
  • Attendees must not stand in the aisle in order to view and/or participate in demonstration.
  • Displays, such as TV monitors, that constitute a demonstration, must be placed behind the three feet easement and be of a size to attract customers onto the easement for viewing. This is intended to keep attendees from standing in the aisles.
  • Exposed or unfinished sides and/or exhibit backgrounds (including ends of pop-up displays) must be draped to present an attractive appearance. If such draping is not ordered, the official general service contractor, at the direction of ICEID 2015 Exhibits Management, will install it at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • If an exhibitor’s booth construction is considered unsafe by Show Management or its agents, the exhibitor will be required to correct the construction issues or the booth will not be permitted to open.
  • Island booths, two-story exhibits, or 10’x20’ end-cap booths are not permitted.


Subletting of Exhibit Space
Subletting or sharing of exhibit space is not permitted. There may be only one (approved) exhibitor/company represented in an assigned exhibit space. Any violation of these regulations may result in an immediate shutdown and removal of the exhibit and materials in violation, as well as denial of participation in future ASM meetings, and removal from ASM’s approved exhibitors list.


Clinical Testing/Demonstration of Equipment
Exhibitors may not conduct clinical tests in their booths. The distribution and consumption of medical samples is not allowed. Medication is defined as anything that has a potential therapeutic benefit. No invasive procedures are allowed. However, exhibitors are permitted to perform equipment demonstrations in their booths.


To assist companies with maximizing their exhibiting opportunity, exhibitors will be allowed to sell their products/services in the Exhibit Hall. Selling and processing of products/services are permitted if the products/services are the exhibitors’ own unaltered marketed products; the products and services are directly related to the conduct of science or medicine by ICEID 2015 attendees; and all transactions are conducted in a manner consistent with the professional nature of the meeting. The exchange of checks and credit cards for a product or services is allowed. Every transaction must be accompanied by a receipt for the purchaser. For security reasons, cash transactions are discouraged. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to have all licenses, permits, and/or registrations required by the conference venue, city, municipality, and/or state. The exhibitor is responsible for compliance with all applicable tax laws. For applications and information contact: Georgia Department of Revenue at https://etax.dor.ga.gov/addrdir.aspx


Exhibit Photography/Videotaping
Taking photographs and recording video (with film, or digital devices, including smartphones), including video or photographing an exhibitors own booth, is expressly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in the expulsion of the offending exhibitor from the exhibit hall, confiscation of the photo, image and/or video, and ability to exhibit at future ASM meetings. An exception to this rule will be considered only with written permission from ASM. Such requests must be received by Friday, August 7, 2015. For approved exceptions, the exhibitor will be required to submit an EAC Request for its photographer/videographer.


These guidelines are for exhibiting companies that will be asking meeting registrants to complete a survey/questionnaire for marketing research, or analysis purposes. 

  • Written approval from ASM Exhibits Management is necessary if an exhibitor wishes to have ASM meeting attendee’s complete surveys or questionnaires. Submission of sample survey/questionnaire must be received by Friday, August 7, 2015. If you are only asking several questions to ‘qualify’ the registrant, approval is not needed.
  • A copy of the survey/questionnaire must be submitted with a written statement of purpose, specific identification of who will have access to the information provided by the survey/questionnaire, and whether the information will be used in ads, publications, or statements to any news or media source.
  • All meeting participants must be allowed to complete survey if they so desire. 
  • An exhibitor may not deny an attendee from participating in a survey/questionnaire based on age, sex, race, or any other reason.


Repair or Damages
Nothing will be posted, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, or other property of the The Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The cost of repairing damage inflicted by the exhibitor, its employees, representatives, or agents to The Hyatt Regency Atlanta will be billed to and paid for by the exhibitor.


No Smoking and No Alcohol Policy
A no smoking and no alcohol policy applies to the exhibit areas of the hotel, all areas therein and the meeting rooms. Exhibitors found in violation of this policy will risk penalties including booth closure.


Continuing Education (CE) Credits
The granting of Continuing Education (CE) credits to meeting participants, in any category from an exhibit space is prohibited.


All exhibitors and their agents are expected to dress and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and to comply with the rules, regulations, and policies of ICEID 2015. Exhibitor representatives are required to staff their exhibit space(s) at all times when the Exhibit Hall is officially open.


Children are not permitted entry into session rooms. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted on the Exhibit Hall floor during setup or dismantling hours. During scheduled show hours, exceptions are made when parents or guardians complete and sign a Minor Release Form. This form will be available at Attendee Registration Assistance in the Registration Area. Parents or guardians must complete and sign the Minor Release Form to allow children access to the Exhibits and Poster Hall. Your support and compliance are greatly appreciated.